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Welcome to Alternate Universe Contest![edit]

Are you a fan of alternate history and the Eurovision Song Contest? Well, you're in the right place!

Alternate Universe Contest (AUC) is a fan contest that takes place on the Eurovision Amino. People participate by creating their own country. To participate you only have to make a flag and have a name for your country, but you can add as much as you like about your country as you want!

You can go here to view All Countries that currently exist.

If you want to see the People who own these countries, you can check out the Owners of Each Country of the Alternate Universe Contest.


There is only one Spin-off's of the Alternate Universe Contest. It's Called SurvivorPanguil. The Producer of this entire Spin-off is the Broadcaster from Panguil Slandvifrance.

If you want to see the full Information about this Spin-off, go to: SurvivorPanguil.


If you want to see the winners of each contest, go to: Winners of Alternate Universe Contest.

There are many contests and each of the following countries won and hosted:

Contest Host country Participants New countries Winner
AUC 1 Vampyria 17 17 Faunamusa
AUC 2 Faunamusa 17 4 Isle of Paba
AUC 3 Isle of Paba 12 0 Stanistan
AUC 4 Stanistan 17 1 Oniroa
AUC 5 Oniroa 12 0 Vampyria
AUC 6 Vampyria 17 1 Stanistan
AUC 7 Stanistan 15 0 Isle of Paba
AUC 8 Isle of Paba 15 2 Isle of Paba
AUC 9 Isle of Paba 19 3 Panguil Slandvifrance
AUC 10 Panguil Slandvifrance 14 1 Stellula
AUC 11 Stellula 17 0 Victorian Republic
AUC 12 Victorian Republic 16 1 Zoldonia
AUC 13 Zoldonia 17 1 Kingdom of Licion
AUC 14 Kingdom of Licion 17 2 Kingdom of Licion
AUC 15 Kingdom of Licion 15 0 Stanistan
AUC 16 Stanistan 18 2 Karvana
AUC 17 Karvana 23 6 Kinoasani
AUC 18 Kinoasani 21 3 Panguil Slandvifrance
AUC 19 Panguil Slandvifrance 18 0 Banjatrovka
AUC 20 Banjatrovka 14 0 Stellula
AUC 21 Stellula 17 2 Stanistan